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Sathva is an independent, Non-Profit, and Non-Government Organization (NGO) with an aim to merge the I in PersonalIty with the I in SocIety.

Our Vision

To feed the hungry, to educate the meritorious in need, to empower the deserving, and to always act upon our collective consciences in order to make our lives better, beautiful, and bold.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Promoting peace, welfare, and eco-awareness among our brothers and sisters.
  • Empowering the rural young and old
  • Fostering creativity and providing platforms to bring out latent talents
  • Conducting awareness campaigns and workshops on various social causes
  • Providing educational and medical assistance for the poor or needy
  • Fighting for valid human rights
  • Empowering people to help them get and sustain well meaning jobs
  • Fostering and promoting “human” culture and values
  • Providing basic medical and sanitation facilities wherever needed
Our endeavour and your patronage have always helped us meet our goals. Because our financial resources are modest compared to societal needs, we focus on key problem areas and program strategies.

Our Locomotion Statement

All Sathva members get together to:

  • Set various organization policies
  • Identify people, communities, charitable institutions, and projects where we can extend our complete help
  • Conduct and manage fund-raising events and cultural program

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Abhilash Warrier
Date: Jun 03, 2009

Sathva, in the few years that I have known them, have gone from one noble deed to another. Honesty and integrity are their initials. People used to ask me… How many NGOs upload their original, audited financial statements online for open public view? Now, I say: Sathva. The team members ...


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