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Project Management

If you want to be the potter who shapes dreams into reality handling independent projects for  Sathva might be the outlet that you are looking for. Sathva as an organization empowers you to identify, conceptualize and execute projects. Responsibilities would involve designing the concept note, raising funds and project execution (Event management). Know more

Domain Experts

Are you a Doctor, an Engineer, a Lawyer, an artist who wants to be a part of a greater cause? Going beyond your profession and lending your time and talent could help us make a better society. In a land where talent is abundant and the urge to learn is prominent to bridge the gap is the need of the hour. We need your time and you are our valuable asset. Click here


Our endeavor and your patronage would help us make your dream of an evolved society a reality. We value your hard earned savings and your feelings. We are committed to serving our donors as much as we serve the needy. Every penny contributed would help us revive the age old tradition of the society taking care of a needy individual. To contribute to our projects please click here

It lays waiting, to burst to life to give –
To give fruit, to give shade, to give joy.
How selfless the seed - it is born to give
It has but a few needs
The need to be tilled, the need to be watered.
We like the seed lie waiting to become
That tree which gives selflessly.
We have applied for an 80 G Income tax exemption certificate. We would be able to provide the certificate in a few months from now**

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Abhilash Warrier
Date: Jun 03, 2009

Sathva, in the few years that I have known them, have gone from one noble deed to another. Honesty and integrity are their initials. People used to ask me… How many NGOs upload their original, audited financial statements online for open public view? Now, I say: Sathva. The team members ...


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Sathva was earlier registered as "Blitz Mylapore" - "DRIVEN BY PASSION AND DEEP DESIRE TO SERVE"