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The organization has donated 2.8 lakhs towards medical assistance of the needy. Hospitalization for any medical ailment has always been a traumatic experience more so when one finds that he doesn’t have the money to meet medical bills. The cost of human life being precious, Sathva has constantly strived to help the families of patients who are in need of Medical assistance relieving them from the agony of costly medical bills. The organization helps the family rehabilitate the patient and provide ongoing assistance

Fund raiser to meet the hospitalization expenses of an Engineering college student.

The members of Sathva organized a cultural programme at Anna auditorium on 29.12.2001.

The programme was intended for a noble cause; for raising funds to help a college student who suffered major fractures in an accident to meet her hospitalization expenses of over Rs.2 lakhs. A nascent organisation in existence of less than six months, and managing with the monthly subscriptions by its members the organisers felt impacted by the gravity and exigency decided to host the above programme by sale of tickets and donations.

The programme had variety in its content of having light music, dance, mimicry etc. The performing artists included both the professifonal troupes as well as college students.

The audiences were also entertained by celebrities of Cine and TV Fame's such as Yugi Sethu, Swarnamalya, Badava Gopi etc. The chief guest for the evening was Mr. Raja Krishnamurthy of Polaris Software.

Sathva organised a comprehensive medical camp at the village - "Veeranakunnam"

Veeranakunam and its surrounding villages are mainly populated by agricultural laborers of the irula tribe of both the sexes and during the non seasons their income is buffeted by working in nearby quarries.

Since their meager income cannot guarantee sustenance the villagers resort to withdrawing their children from the school to augment their income, which result in huge dropouts.

Hunger and disease chase their shadows; health care and hygiene are not in their realm of thought.

The local panchyat leader helped the Sathva tam to hold the camp in the government school. After initial briefing and instructions, the villager were lined up and the volunteers who had interactions with them noted down all their details; they were then guided to the medical team for examining and screening by general physician, gynacologist followed by opthamologist, dermatologists and dentists who were housed in a row if classrooms and according to their prescriptions and the medicines were distributed to everyone

Profundity of the impact was not lost sight of on the Sathva members who had wry smile on their faces and could not betray their emotions after the dawn to dusk experience ,Earlier they zeroed in on the word “Sathva” while naming the organization with the positive connotation to expand the meaning as “a glimpse into reality,” but on the ground what  they had encountered  was a reality that was harsh and cruel, the appalling conditions which required everyone’s involvement and as an NGO the challenges ahead of them are too many to be ignored .

The anguish and despair of the affected parties were disturbing and the only help we realized that we could provide was to offer them Hope. We spent days with the villagers and spent time listening to them.

Medical Assistance to an Accident Victim

Sathva donated Rs. 25000 to an accident victim Kannapan who met with a ghastly accident in Chennai. He was admitted at the Malar Hospital. On the request of their parents and well wishers, Sathva agreed to meet partial hospitalization expenses.

Medical Assistance to a Cancer Patient

Sathva Donated 30,000 Rs to Sumathi who is afflicted with Cancer. She hails from pattukotai district. She lost her vision due to diabetics and suffered severe pain due blood Cancer

Blood Donation Camps

It is a sad commentary that this planet is becoming increasingly dangerous place for us to live in. Murder for gain, internecine quarrels ending up in entire families being wiped out, genocide in the third world countries, annihilation of men, women and children of an entire nation under hegemony & carnage in the name of religion.

Even among the survivors, many would succumb to their injuries on account of bleeding profusely. We are familiar with the sight of ambulances with the sirens up-ante negotiating their way through the heavy traffic at break-neck speed to reach the near by hospital with the devoted thought of saving the victims, to recoup the loss due to excessive bleeding by infusion. One cannot hold a contrarian view on the efficacy of blood donation.

On 06-01-2002, between 10.00Am – 06.00 PM, we organized a blood donation camp in association with Lions Blood Bank, Anna Nagar. 103 people came forward to donate their blood.

On 16-03-2003, between 10.00Am – 06.00 PM , we organized a blood donation camp in association with Lions Blood Bank, Anna Nagar.. 75 people came forward to donate their blood.

On 04-04-2004, between 10.00Am – 06.00 PM, we organized a blood donation camp in association with SMILE. 120 people came forward to donate their blood.

While conducting the above camps the members realised the imperative need to bring about greater awareness on the necessity of donating blood to save precious lives from lost and also to remove the myths and fallacies of loss of weight if one decides to donate blood.

Free distribution of medicines and during natural calamities

Chennai came to a stand still on a gloomy Morning of 26 Dec 2004. Tsunami struck people unaware, the collateral damage and people affected were beyond measure. Sathva, reached out to the affected victims immediately and distributed free medicines, clothes, food and blankets.

Any amount of food or clothes distributed could not match the amount of devastation the Tsunami had caused.


Criteria and Documents required to qualify for the Medical Assistance program

1. Proof of Hospitalization

2 Income proofs of the family members/ victim

3. Medical bills/ other bills for which funding is sought


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Date: Jun 03, 2009

Sathva, in the few years that I have known them, have gone from one noble deed to another. Honesty and integrity are their initials. People used to ask me… How many NGOs upload their original, audited financial statements online for open public view? Now, I say: Sathva. The team members ...


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