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Village Rehabilitation focuses on building communities that are economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. Such communities value diversity and fairness and offer all members broad access to opportunities to create and maintain viable livelihoods.

Rehabilitating Ettimadai Village - Coimbatore

On the foot hills of the Western ghats surrounded by lush fields and educational institutions is the Ettimadai village with little over 500 inhabitants. The village is vibrant and overflowing with energy and over 100 children within the age group of 4 -18 adorn its streets.

On 21st February 2009 , Sathva members visited Ettimadai, as part of our Village Development project .

After a detailed study of the lifestyle and culture of the villagers, we understood that the villagers needed more awareness about sanitation and general hygiene. Therefore, we donated Slippers, Soaps & Tooth Powder for household use.

We also staged a street play, themed on importance of hygiene and cleanliness, at the village square.

Rehabilitating Veeranakunnam Village - Chennai

Village Profile


Situated 30Kms from Mahabalipuram and 90Kms from Chennai lies a small hamlet of 50 families belonging to the Irula tribe.

Irulas are a scheduled tribe of India. Irulas are present in various parts of India, but are mainly located in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. Their population in this region is estimated to be between 1000 to 2000. They  work as laborers (coolies) in the fields of the landlords during the sowing and harvesting seasons or in the rice mills. Fishing is also a major occupation

The hamlet near Chennai consists of approximately 50 families comprising of 350 individuals out of which there are little more than 75 children and 25 among them between the age group of 3-8 Yrs


The Irulas work in nearby rice mills, stone quarry for a paltry wage of 40 Rs per day. The contractual job is not permanent and there are days with no work, which leaves the family stranded.


A few families have received Patta land, the average size of the house is approx 100 sqft. Most of the houses don’t have electricity and some of them have television and one light service thanks to the TN government. Sanitation facilities are unthinkable and medical facilities not within immediate reach.

The young get married within the community by 15 years, and children drop out of education when they reach 8th - 9th standard due to various reasons such as Financial constraints, lack of interest and the pressure to contribute to monthly family income.


What have we done so far!

1. Comprehensive Medical camp

The camp was conducted with the guidance and active participation of doctors viz, General Physician, Gynacologist, Dermatologist, Opthamologist, Dentists, Psychologist along with nurses and paramedics

2. Vegetable Garden

The data that we collected from the medical camp, clearly showed that the children at the village suffered from malnutrition and the paents could not afford nutritious food.

Sathva and its volunteers worked along with the villagers to clean the village and setup kitchen gardens behind every house. We bought organic seeds and sowed to ladies finger, brinjal, greens among other seeds.

Within two weeks time, every house hold had surplus  vegetables, that they shared with their neighboring village.

3. Clean and Portable water - Borewell

Clean and portable drinking water are always a rare commodity for most of the villages across India.


We have succeeded in our endeavour in digging up a borewell at Veeranakunnam village on 19/06/2011. The initial grin turning up into a broad smile and then into lusty cheers on the faces of the villagers at the end of the whole operation was gratifying indeed!

The first strike of water was at 50 feet, and after three hour hydraulic drilling exercise, we have ensured water column to the depth of 153 feet (in all 203 feet)

Sathva, would continue to provide support to improve medical, sanitation and general living conditions and also strive to provide educational assistance for the youth.





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