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The future of any nation depends on its ability to provide access to knowledge and education for its youth. Removing ignorance and providing light has been the primary objective of the organization. We have been constantly striving to provide knowledge and education to thirsty minds who have the deep desire to learn but don’t have the resources to acquire them. The organization receives numerous applications for educational grants, after through scrutiny and due diligence we offer grants to students. Till date, Sathva has donated approximately Rs. 1 lakh towards educational assistance for deserving school and college students hailing from poor families. We keep receiving numerous applications for educational assistance. After thorough scrutiny and due diligence, we offer educational aid and donations to students and schools.

Bagyalakshmi a 5th grade student at Sai Vidyalaya school, Chennai is a vibrant and energetic girl. Her creative expressions and her smile touches our hearts and over the years she has become a part of the Sathva family. Shankar, our executive member recollects meeting her 6 years back at the Sai Baba temple. She looked disturbed and was in tears. When asked, she told us that she hailed from a poor and broken family. Her father left her when she was young and her mother is doing house hold work to meet their daily needs. Such stories are not isolated cases and is common across the continent.

Since then, Sathva has apportioned a separate education fund to meet the needs of deserving candidates. We keep receiving numerous applications for educational assistance and after thorough scrutiny and due diligence, we offer educational aid and donations to students.

Criteria and Documents required to qualify for the Educational Assistance program

1. The student must be attending a government recognized school.
2. Income statement/ or proof of annual family income.
3. Proof of residence
4. One year mark sheet
5. School Fees requisition letter
6. Passport Size Photograph.

We realize that our duty doesn’t end by just providing educational assistance; we constantly work with the students and their family to track the progress of the student and also help them craft their career path.

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Abhilash Warrier
Date: Jun 03, 2009

Sathva, in the few years that I have known them, have gone from one noble deed to another. Honesty and integrity are their initials. People used to ask me… How many NGOs upload their original, audited financial statements online for open public view? Now, I say: Sathva. The team members ...


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