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We fight for the rights of the marginalized, underprivileged and needy. To create a inclusive society which treats every individual with care and concern has been one of our key objective across all our programs. To sensitize individuals on their fundamental rights and that of others has been a daunting task. We have embarked on this journey and know there is a long way to go.

State Pressure Group

Sathva is an active member of the State Pressure Group , which comprises of various NGO's fighting for the rights of the disabled. The state pressure group constantly fights for the fundamental rights of the disabled to create an inclusive society which treats them with equality and care. The SPG has been fighting for access rights of the disabled in public places, right to vote and many such important causes.

World Disability Day

Sathva actively participated in the World Disability Day rally organized by the State Pressure Group on 03 rd December 2008 in Chennai. The organization also helped in conceptualizing the fund raising programme for the World Disability Day.


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Abhilash Warrier
Date: Jun 03, 2009

Sathva, in the few years that I have known them, have gone from one noble deed to another. Honesty and integrity are their initials. People used to ask me… How many NGOs upload their original, audited financial statements online for open public view? Now, I say: Sathva. The team members ...


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