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A Deceptive Disease in Disguise – Suhasini S, MBBS

A young girl sitting silently in one of the beds caught my attention as I entered the medical wards of the Government Hospital in Coimbatore, India.

Before I could utter a word, an anxious looking lady came running, looked at me and after a while said “My daughter has no problems with her joints, we have come here for her chest pain” and she was perplexed with the fact that the doctors attending her daughter were questioning on joint pain and not bothered about her chest pain.



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Abhilash Warrier
Date: Jun 03, 2009

Sathva, in the few years that I have known them, have gone from one noble deed to another. Honesty and integrity are their initials. People used to ask me… How many NGOs upload their original, audited financial statements online for open public view? Now, I say: Sathva. The team members ...


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