For some reason beyond its grasp, humanity is yet to discover a unit to measure wisdom. A few wise ones find this an integration of miles traveled, people met, cultures appreciated, languages known, learning assimilated and humility attained. This essentially sums up to life’s journey.

Mine thus far has played into two parts.

The first part is the tutelage. And the second is that I’m in passage now.

Let me begin with the second part.

Expression is fundamental to us. Joy, sorrow, hunger, pain, love, sin, nobility, guilt, redemption, thought, idea, opinion, mandate… anything and everything needs words / action to travel from the source to destination.

For some reason the almighty has created a non-level playing field. A few have forums and the words but many more suffer from the lack of both. They are identified by words such as: underprivileged, challenged, abused, people with disability, children of the lesser God and more.

So my profile is to give voice to the silence, conjure images for the darkness, build statements from the air exhaled & communicate the hundreds of words hidden in a fallen smile of a throbbing heart.

Yes. It’s important to be in a salient position to ideate, plan & execute this.


General Secretary, DORAI Foundation. (A NGO registered with the Charity Commissioner Office, Mumbai)

Issues worked / Working on
(In Alphabetical Order)

Access – Towards barrier-free environment

Advocacy – Rights of the marginalized

Commercial Sex Workers – Counseling and creating awareness towards literacy for their children

Creating societal awareness by harnessing opportunities in mass media

De-addiction camps for substance abuse

Education, skills training and empowerment for the developmentally delayed neurologically challenged and physically disabled.

Inclusive Education

Leprosy – Awareness programs

Mental Health – Consultation, Program development & Counsel Partner

Mentoring youth in the domain of intra – inter personal communication skills and personality development

Motivational workshops and Counseling program for parents of children with special needs

Tribal Community Welfare – Medical and rehabilitation camps

Youth Sensitization and activation in the areas of social issues

It’s just academic...

M.A (Psychology), M.A (Sociology), PG. Dip in Journalism, PG.Dip. in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, Dip in Computer Applications

A few of my Film Credits

  • A beautiful journey together, NAB - Chennai (2009)
  • CSIM – to learn. to Heal. to Raise, (2009)
  • Manav Seva Dharma Samavaradhini – raising social consciousness (2009)
  • Towards a Triumphant Tomorrow , Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan – Chennai (2009)
  • Turning Media Savvy – Special Parents, Chennai (2008)
  • SASI – Marching towards the future, Hyderabad (2008)
  • Mind Sound Technology, Chennai (2008)
  • Different Strokes, Chennai (2008)

SUMITHRA PRASAD can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Abhilash Warrier
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