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The organization has constantly partnered with other NGO’s to support them in their functioning and objectives. To share our experience and knowledge to help other NGO’s leverage our expertise has been our constant endeavor. In this process we gain by sharing and learning from them. The members of the organization constantly visit special schools run for disabled and differently abled children and train these children on social skills and soft skills with an aim to rehabilitate these children in main stream.

Jagrithi – Awakening  

4th October 2003, would remain etched in the memory of every Sathva member as a day of ‘Awakening’.  SATHVA organised a cultural programme full of music, theatre and dance at Music Academy, Mylapore in aid of school run for differently abled children.

The highlight of the evening’s programme was the exhibition of  talents of the differently abled children of “AIKYA” an institution run for children afflicted with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Autism and ADHD.  The effortless ease, the confidence, the perfect co-ordination and the innocent smile of the children whose mere existence dwell upon facing the life full of challenges amazed the evening’s audience. The audience were also entertained by a dance troupe - FLYERZ, Fusion of Ballet and Bharathanatiyam by the students of Russian Cultural Center and light music by Nightingale a band run by visually impaired individuals.

Sathva raised funds through sale of tickets and donated a Multi Specialty GYM equipment to the school.

Beyond Personality

The members of Sathva organized a one day workshop for the teachers of Clark Special School on 07th March 2009. The workshop focused on methods of Handling Stress and Invoking ones individual potential to operate and achieve better results in life.

Financial Assistance to NGO’s

Sathva has donated Rs 15,000 towards the development fund of various NGO’s

Criteria and Documents required to qualify for the NGO Development Fund.

1.    Project proposal for which grant is sought
2.    Registration Certificate of the NGO
3.    Details of the NGO’s Objectives and previous activities.